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[Light Carolina rig] Saltwater Fishing

Light Carolina rig. In Japan, the traditional Carolina rig using lightweight (less than 7g) and light tackle sets is called Light Carolina rig”. The rig is known as a killer setup for high-pressured Largemouth Bass fishing. But this rig would also be productive for saltwater fishing. I’m fishing Yellowfin Croaker in this video using it. 00:00 Intro 00:10 Talking about light C-rig 03:39 Rigging time! 04:24 Let’s fishing 08:17 How to fish? 09:32 Let’s catch more! 10:16 Tackle information I hope you all enjoy this video. #Fishing #CarolinaRig #California Rod: Palms Surfstar SGP 70SL. サーフスター70SL Reel: Daiwa Luvias LT FC 2500S ルビアス FC 2500S Line: Berkley NanoFil 8lbs Leader: Fluorocarbon 8lbs Lure: Keitech Easy Shiner ケイテックイージーシャイナー More and more fishing videos are coming! Fish in a Japanese way! Please Subscribe to get more info about the Japanese fishing style! Follow me on Instagram. When fishing in California, make sure you have a valid license and follow the regulation. Make sure to safely release non-keepers. California Halibut: 22 inches total length. Calico, Barred Sand Bass, and Spotted Sand Bass: 14 inches total length.

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